Why do you need a wedding planner ?

This it it ! 

Your dear and tender love finally decided to propose and you said Yes! 

The real adventure will begin soon. We love because it’s the only true adventure

It will be necessary to organize this great event which will happen only once in a lifetime. And there, you just realize all that there is to do before the big day. And you may have not really be aware of what you will have to deal with.

Lucky you, I am here to guide you ! 

Think about it: the next few months are going to be the most stressful and busy days of your life. You will already have enough to do just by choosing the guest list, the dress or the reception meal menu …

Different reasons may make you want to delegate some or all of the organization of your wedding such as lack of time, distance or the stress of wanting to make your wedding the most perfect of all.

I can help you and facilitate this moment for the next few months to become the most beautiful of your life!

In any case do not have any fear and especially do not forget that it is YOUR wedding and all the decisions will emanate from you.

My role is to plan your wedding and to approach this preparation in all serenity.

Depending on the chosen service, I accompany you in every detail of the organization and help you manage your wedding budget. I will advise you then on your budget to be in adequacy with your criteria and your desires.

I will help you find the best vendors, and create your scenography, your decoration and your flowers.

Of course the day, I will be present to ensure the planning, coordination between each vendors, the establishment of your decoration and manage the hazards so that you can enjoy serenely and fully your day.

Over the months I will be your confidante and by your side to realize all your dreams and to reassure you in order to find the solution to all your questions, your problems and your desires.

In order to better accompany you and guide you, here are my services  up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.