Tips for the wedding day

D-Day Advice

Not all bride and groom know what D-Day entails. To avoid stress, here are some helpful tips that can help you better prepare for your long-awaited day.

1- The Dresses

It is important that you try on your dress a month before and then a few days before the D-Day, if weight changes or a fault in the dress occur you could then correct the situation. Make sure you have an experienced dressmaker on hand who can correct any issues.

2 -The wedding  Shoes

Don’t wear new shoes for your wedding. Buy them a few weeks or months before and walk with them regularly, preferably in the afternoon when your feet are most likely to be swollen. This will help the shoes to conform to your feet and you will be totally comfortable on your wedding day. Likewise, if you are not used to walking in high heels, start training a few months earlier or choose a heel that you are comfortable in. Consider a change of shoes if your feet hurt during the day.

3 – Planning

There is so much to do before your wedding. But rather than doing them at the last minute, it’s best to tackle them as early as possible before the stress builds up. Remember to finish your table plan, your signage and your DIYs four or five days before D-Day. You need a calm and restful week that will put you in a good state of mind to avoid stress.

4- Eat well 

Eat a healthy and balanced diet while preparing for your wedding. Do not diet too strict which could lead to fainting, stress and fatigue. A wedding is a stressful event, even if it is a great day of joy and celebration.

5- The weather 

All the bride and groom hope for a beautiful sunny day at their weddings. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and you should be prepared for it. Just bring one or two umbrellas, preferably white or transparent and large. It will protect you in case of rain and are also very nice props for photos when shooting in the rain. Similarly, you need a plan B in case of rain or strong winds if your cocktail or reception is outside, just like the ceremony. Always have a Plan B, planned months in advance.


Remember to take time for yourself. It is essential that during this day you have time to breathe and free yourself from this pressure. Put down your phone. We don’t know so well that you want to share your day with the whole world. But it’s just one day, you have to take advantage of every moment and memorize every moment. Don’t worry, your guests and your photographer will capture these memories for you. And take advantage of the moment, admire your dress, the venue of the ceremony, the faces of your guests … It’s only one day, it will pass very quickly. Focus on the forever moments, like walking to the aisle, the vows, and your first dance, and remember this day is a promise of life that you make to another person. Take a moment with your soul mate in a private room, eat, exchange a gift or a sweet note, have a real first kiss, a meaningful hug, or a moment to be with each other. These moments are so precious. And the last tip, don’t worry about things that are not going to go as planned, your wedding will only be more beautiful and no one will dwell on the little details, the guests want to see you happy and fulfilled, they will not remember that of that.