Why getting married in Winter ?

Winter weddings are the most magical. Often shunned by the bride and groom, getting married in winter offers a lot of advantages.

One thing is certain, winter marriage provides less stress. Yes but why ?

Getting married during this time reduces a lot of the item because they are usually inside. The risk of rain and wind can make the planning period extremely stressful and potentially costly if you need to add a tent.

In addition, a winter wedding allows you to have several options regarding the dates and benefit from the best rates. Providers are often cheaper since their activity is going down and so they also will  be able to focus their attention more on your big day.

For travel and accommodation, costs will be reduced because you will benefit from the off-season prices.

Concerning outfits, you can dare everything from the velvet blazer for the groomsmen to the sequin dress for your bridesmaids.

Opt for a long-sleeved wedding dress and a Black Tie suit for Monsieur.

Feel free to invest in winter accessories to keep warm, a faux fur stole, a veil, a cape or a chic cardigan, all are good options.

For the future bride, we must not forget the beauty preparation. Chapped lips and dry skin are inevitable in winter. Keep your lips hydrated before the wedding. Use a good facial moisturizer and have an ointment in your daily pouch.

A winter wedding allows for authenticity and originality with a unique character. A wedding in December, January, February or March will probably be the only one your guests will attend this winter. Which makes it something unique that people will look forward to.

To facilitate comfort for your guests, organize your ceremony and reception in the same place or in places very close to each other. This will make transportation easier in bad weather. To keep guests warm, offer them a hot drink upon arrival, a simple and pleasant idea.

For guest gifts, stay on the favors of winter, offering them blankets, candles, cookies or Christmas spices.

It is dark much earlier in winter so adjust your photo calendar for more light. Taking portraits before your ceremony is often a good idea. If you’re not sure what to do, talk to your photographer.

Your winter wedding is something out of the ordinary, because everything will be different from a summer wedding, going from the color palette to the flowers to the decoration, the elements of this season will inspire your theme that will stand out from weddings types of summer.

If your style is romantic, try shades of bluish winter white and lots of greenery, and if you opt for a rustic-comfortable ambience use lots of wood and warm hues.

For a luxurious winter wedding, opt for soft colors, gold and a hint of silver.

To add a bit of romance, consider the candles as it will be dark enough early. The twinkling lights inside the place can reflect or give the illusion of a beautiful snowfall outside.

Do not neglect the flowers, and think of decorating your floral creations with fir, wood and pine cones, why not add a touch of gold or copper in your arrangements.

Now, don’t hesitate and organize your winter wedding!