Wedding at a family estate

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Marie and Marc took the lovely decision to get married in the family estate of Marie’s family. Everything was there to achieve a dream and friendly wedding: a dovecote, a chapel and a manor, unique places.
The chapel is very important for Marie because it is in this that she was baptized. Unfortunately the ceremony could not be celebrate in there as it was too small to host all the guests.

The whole place was important to both of them. Marc and Marie cherish this place so much. One particular place that was most important to them was the gigantic tree that stands in the middle of the garden. The reception, the tent, and the decoration have been designed around the tree.
The whole family was present to help and contribute to this beautiful day.
Joy, laughter and love are the words of the wedding preparations.

The year 2020 has been one of the most stressful for our newlyweds due to the Covid which called into question everything in terms of date, safety and health risk.
At the beginning of September, we were able to breathe a bit to celebrate this wonderful day. Celebrating this day in a family estate helped of making things simpler and easier in terms of health restrictions.

Despite having to respect the sanitary rules, all vendors have been able to bring a good mood while respecting them.

This is why it is very important to have a good team on your D-Day. Good Vendors know their job, and know how to deal with exceptional situations.
Due to my experience, I was able to reassure and allow this day to unfold as planned, according to Marc and Marie “she did everything to make the best day of our life an absolutely unforgettable moment. We were able to enjoy our day without the slightest stress, she put us in touch with amazing vendors ”.

Yannis Meghelli from YM production, and Guillaume Gimenez, knew by their joy of living to put our newlyweds at ease,. They made a magnificent work where photos and images are a precious and unforgettable memory.

A wonderful united team will make your best day possible. Listening, very professional and above all smiling services, vendors contribute to the success of a beautiful wedding.

The fact of celebrating a wedding in a family estate, allows any customizations . The whole venue is imbued with our newlyweds. Marie and Marc’s decor was a mix of a chic and relaxed garden party. In shades of color, green, white and gold. Pretty flowers made by Esther la Marche completed the whole decoration.

Marie and Marc choose to have a non sit down dinner with several culinary activities with refined, simple, gourmet and local dishes, with a farandole of desserts signed by Le jardin du gout.

And let the party begin with a little jazz by Swing it Orchestra  followed by the DJ for a night until the first glow.
Time flies so fast during a wedding day, enjoy every moment, your families and your soul mate.