Wedding Technologies

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Technology can play a useful role in your wedding from the beginning of your planning.

Wedding is still quite traditional in some ways, so why not make it a little bit more modern with some technologies ?


A wedding website

Having your own wedding website allows you not only to share a lot more informations but also, you can also share updates on your wedding, teasers or share photos after the ceremony with all your guests ! You can also include on it your wedding gift list, hotels, activities near your venue, RSVP, an online crowd funding  and a lot more ! 


The connected stationery


If you want to modernize your wedding without doing too much, the digital announcement is a good option to start with. It can go from the simplest to the most complex, from the QR code leading to you website, to the entirely digitalize announcement, even an animated one!

A photobooth


In addition to a professional photographer, you can have a photobooth that prints right away your picture, or save them for later ! Like that, you will have more natural and living pictures, and a lot of fun for your guests!

Applications endlessly

From the app for your table seating chart plan, to the  sharing pictures, hre is some ideas of apps : wedding countdown for the countdown, pinterest for the inspirations, seatplanner for the table plan and wedding party for the  sharing picture !

Now, you have all the keys to introduce lightly new technologies in your wedding, but don’t forget to live the moment, and enjoy this special day!