Wedding in Paris at la Maison des Polytechniciens

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It was on this Saturday, July 16th, in the magnificent Maison des Polytechniciens in Paris, that M&H were able to say yes to each other.

While the most beautiful day of their lives had dawned under a radiant sun, the bride-to-be was able to prepare at the Cinq Codet hotel and then in the sumptuous boudoir of the Maison des Polytechniciens thanks to the expertise of Tatiana M, the make-up artist. The groom, on his side, was able to get ready, photographed by Amelia Soegijono , in one of the suites of the hotel Cinq Codet.

While the teams were busy preparing the ceremony, our lovers both arrived on site, comes the moment of the first look. the groom discovered his future wife as she descended the stairs, dressed in a sumptuous white dress with a long drag.

This moment of pure happiness, love and complicity was prolonged in the streets of Paris as our young couple posed under the lens of Amelia to immortalize their love and moment in various shots in different places of the French capital.

Just back at the venue, after photo shoots with family and friends, came the moment of the ceremony which took place in front of a beautiful fountain of the venue, with the sound of flowing water. 

The officiant told the story of how they met, their first impressions on their first date and how they fell in love. The couple pronounced their respective vows as a declaration of love and finally said yes to each other under the applause of their guests.

Then came the cocktail, located on the terrace of the venue, offering a beautiful view of the fountain. Cocktails, champagnes, there was something for everyone! This moment of sharing ended with a speech from the newlyweds thanking their guests for their presence. 

 It was time for dinner, our beautiful couple and their guests took their places at tables beautifully decorated with a long yellow veil for the head table and sumptuously decorated with flowers by Flavia and her team from maison d’Autel. 

While the dinner continues, in a good atmosphere, some relatives come to pronounce speeches which reinforce the bonds of love and friendship. 

It is the moment of the first dance launched by the Dj.  On the sound of Latch by Sam Smith, the bride and groom open the ball and then dance respectively with their parents. Then comes the arrival of the cake, the croque en bouches, in a festive atmosphere. The lovers cut the first piece together as the tradition wants 

The party could then begin and lasted a good part of the night in the basement of the venue offering a space “cellar” with the paces of discotheque.