Aurora and Nathanael are bound in love by their love for classical music and love for travels.

Their love has been separated by the ocean for years. To soothe her longing soul, Nathanael used to tell Aurora to gaze at the night sky, look for Polaris – a star whom the universe revolves around – and know that she is his universe. By gazing at Polaris, she will find him in her heart.

Now finally they are together in the city of love- Paris. Getting married in an ethereal castle, where Nathanael grows up as a little man.

Aurora will show a glimpse of her musical world by senerading him with her violin as they enter the new chapter of their journey in marriage

Their union will be celebrated with bursts of beautiful soft blooms in the tones of whites, creams and nude blush, under the summer sky, with Aurora dazzling in couture dresses drenched in crystals – she will be bright- just like the Polaris.