The Benefits of Sophrology During The Wedding Preparations

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The wedding preparation can be stressful if you don’t take time for yourself.

As we already mentioned in our article “romantic and luxury weekend in Paris”, it is important to take care of yourself and take a step back from the preparations. You can only enjoy them more.

One of the techniques we are suggesting today is sophrology. Léa Boucher, sophrologist, guides us.

What is sophrology? 

Sophrology is a «training of body and mind to develop serenity and well-being based on techniques of relaxation and activation of body and mind». To sum up, practicing sophrology will allow you to be more relaxed.

It is also associated with a form of meditation. It connects your inner world with your outer world. 

We will be able to focus on our positive thoughts in order to know each other better and thus regain confidence in ourselves but also in our future.

Sophrology allow you to work on your concentration and memory, but also to manage your stress, in order to take a step back of life changing, an event, like your wedding for example.

How to practice sophrology?

Even if sophrology can  be practiced alone at home, we recommend that you be accompanied to start well and thus acquire all the benefits of this practice.

A session lasts on average 1h, and costs around 20€ for a group session and from 60€ alone. You can do it face to face or via a video call. 

During your session, you will be offered visualization, breathing and dynamic relaxation exercises to relax bot,  the body and the mind.

The benefits of sophrology : 

Some benefits of the daily practice of sophrology:

  • Managing stress and emotions,
  • Management of sleep disorders,
  • Self-confidence,
  • Relieve the pain,

and much more…


Wedding planner Paris sophrology

A little exercise to do right now:

Lie on your bed or sofa. 

Close your eyes and begin to become aware of your breathing. Relax. Pay attention to your face. Loosen your forehead, your eyebrows. Loosen your jaws and let your tongue rest. 

Feel your throat loosen, your shoulders loosen. 

Relax your arms and hands. Feel your back on your mattress and reach down to your ankles.

Stop for a few moments and feel your body release tension and relax. 

Take the time to feel calm and enjoy the present moment.


Sophrology during the wedding preparation 


During your wedding planification, sophrology can bring you a lot. On the one hand, sophrology will accompany you throughout the preparations in order to help you keep calm, manage your emotions and not let yourself be overwhelmed by stress. On the other hand, sophrology will help you prepare for your big day in order to live it fully and make the most of it.

Thanks to Samantha Bottelier Events, your wedding planification will go smoothly. So if you said YES and have a plan to get married in France, contact us!


Wedding planner Paris sophrology